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a bike-riding day

Last Thursday (June 28th), Dirk and I joined a biking event in his department. The evening prior to our taking off, I planned to deliver some code to my professors. However the migration to Seam 2 caused some really strange behaviour, which did not cause any exception and all the test code passed happily, but […]

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I will have less and less time for playing pc games in the future. Before I totally forget how to play Civilization 4, I’d like to log down the strategies I’ve taken. The Civ 4 version I’ve been playing is 1.61. Articles in the war academy of the site civfanatics.com helped me very much. Here […]

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as speedy and shiny as Ferrari

I am not a soccer fan at all. However I did watch two matches in FIFA 06. Germany vs Italy the day before yesterday and France vs Portugal yesterday. The Germany vs Italy match was absolute exciting. I never knew soccer match can be that fast-paced and brain-involved, until 2 days ago any soccer match […]

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