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Effective Chinese learning written especially for computer geeks but also accessible for people who do not write software. You can post any question/suggestion/critique/correction as the comment under the blog posts or send email to ningning.org@gmail.com. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Copyright Ning Zhao. All rights reserved. If you want to reproduce the tutorial in any form, please ask for my permission first. My email address is ningning.org@gmail.com. Thanks

Here you can find comprehensive information to help you learn Pinyin. Our lessons rely heavily on Pinyin, virtually everything in Chinese is written in Pinyin. I hope this approach would isolate the difficulties of Chinese characters from your learning, at least at the beginning. So Pinyin becomes a vital vehicle for you to access the Chinese language. Spending some time on that page really pays off. That page is not written by me, please refer to Wikipedia’s license statements for reproduction. Thanks.

This page is under active updating. Stay tuned for new lessons if you are interested in learning Chinese.

Last update: June. 08th, 2007.

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