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Believe in Europe

Tonight I watched this really thoughtful and well put talkshow. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Tomorrow have to get up very early so I have to stop writing now, but I’ll come back to this entry when I get time, just leave a mark for now:

….and one quick note for now: Many thanks to Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Gauck. I have never really listened to Mr. Gauck’s speech before, now this talk has changed my impression of him. Central topic of this one-hour talk is about Europe’s future — that’s why all the invited audience are children and young people. But these two wise men have talked about many many things, it is really content-rich. Mr. Schmidt is 93 years old, that’s why the moderator Maybrit Illner spoke extra slowly and clearly. This is a blog-like quiet and thoughtful talk but not twitter-like talkshow….So much for now, I really have to sleep. Later.

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