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Certificate of Introduction to Finance

Today I received my first Coursera Certificate “Introduction to Finance” taught by Prof. Gautam Kaul of University of Michigan.

The design of this certificate does not really match the exceptional quality of this course. There is even a typo (!!!) in the text. I would like to have a list of the key content of the course, total study hours of this course, score of my homework submissions, and the score of my final exam on this certification. The thing I like most about this certificate is the signature of Prof. Gautam Kaul.

So here is the content missing on this certificate:

Key content of the course:

  • Time Value of Money
  • Basic Accounting and Cash Flow Projection (Corporate Finance, Working Capital Management)
  • Bond Valuation
  • Stock Valuation
  • Statistics
  • Risk Management
  • Cost of Capital Estimation Using CAPM and WACC

The whole course lasted 11 weeks. There were 9 homework and a final exam. Each homework had 10 questions and the final exam had 7. I did the homework and final exam all by myself, wrote programs in Groovy for solving them. Some of the questions were not that trivial. I submitted 8 homeworks (5 submissions were required), really had no time for completing the 9th. My submissions of the homework were consistently scored 80~100. My first submission of the final exam scored 80 and the second 100. Am confident to say, by working through the questions, I had a thorough understanding of the course material and am able to apply the knowledge on modeling and solving financial problems during my daily life. It was a fulfilling experience.

Now I am working on a Stanford Venture Lab course “Finance” taught by Prof. Kay Giesecke. Depth of the Giesecke course is way beyond the Kaul course, and the pace is fast. But I am doing well so far. There are team projects to complete in the Giesecke course. I’ve formed my own team and am leading 7 team members, most of whom have strong financial background and years of industry experience. The first project is about Bond Portfolio Management. Submission will due in 2 weeks. There seems a lot work to do…..

At the beginning, I was not used to Prof. Giesecke’s teaching style. But now his voice and expression are growing in me. Slowly I start to like his style too: very focused, clear and very approachable. His handwriting is beautiful. I just wish he could smile more in the course.

Meanwhile, I am watching a Coursera course “Model Thinking” taught by Prof. Scott E. Page of University of Michigan. Am amazed by both the content and the professor himself. Deeply regret that I did not see this course earlier (too late to start working for a certificate). Prof. Page, speaks fast, calculates fast and is totally vivid and animated in front of the video camera. Content just naturally flows out of his head. Just like Prof. Kaul, he does not have much hair. There is a Chinese saying: Smart heads do not have hair. Totally true for both Prof. Kaul and Prof. Page! Wonderful professors! University of Michigan is a place to go, if I were 10 years younger and could still choose which university to attend.

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  1. Student says:

    HI Ellen,
    Possible for you to share the answers for the MOOC Introduction to finance please.

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Student says:

    Could you please let me know how muxh is the charge to get the certification from coursera for introduction to finance by professor Gautam Kaul? I’m doing this course right now. Thanks!

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